city of gastronomy and tingling of taste buds.

A tour you'll never forget! So miam!


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Price : € 108.00 for a 2-Hours walking and visiting tour + your choice

- chocolate tour : € 12.00 pax (tasting & entrance museum), or

- beer tour : € 15.00 pax (2 tastings & entrance museum)


Today Claude and Dominique propose different tours: beer, chocolate, gastronomy. They have a great experience in this domain.

You visit through our organisation many interesting locations: museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Beer museum, ….

You visit typical Brussels Brasseries (bars), local chocolate creators, and discover Brussels through degustations of the local specialities.

We also offer culinary restaurant tours for lunch and dinner ... tailor made offers.





How many times real Belgian fries are fried?

What is a Praline?

How do we get Gueuze Lambic?

What is Flemish Stew?

Is pain à la Grecque really from Greece?

What is the difference between waffles from Brussels and Liège?

And the grey shrimp croquettes, what is your opinion?

Why are the Belgians so keen on mussels?

Have you ever tasted Gents Waterzooi?


THE ANSWERS? During the tours.... (and the walking dinner or lunch)


Contact us, we are at your service and open for suggestions.

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