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A guided tour to Antwerp is a must:

This wonderful metropolis, with a population of half a million inhabitants,is the second city of Belgium. It has a major European port (5th place of the world). The friendliness of the people and the beauty of its architecture make it a pleasing and peaceful place to visit. Famous for being the "world's leading diamond city", more than 80% of the world’s rough diamonds are cut and traded in the city.

The legendary origins of Antwerp come from "aan de werpe", which is Dutch for "at the wharf". Another funny explanation tells it comes from "Hand werpen", which translated is "throwing hand".

In the 16th century, Antwerp was the most important financial center of the world, where tradesmen from all over the globe sold and bought their goods. The very first stock exchange was created in this prosperous city and a lot of artists, architects, painters, philosophers lived here around this opulence. After the Furia Española in 1585 (1/3 of the population, the rich and the intellectuals, escaped to the Northern part of the Netherlands), this role as a financial center was taken over by Amsterdam. In the 20th century, Antwerp has made a serious economic comeback.

Due to its long and culturally rich history, the city of Antwerp houses many amazing buildings from different historical periods, as well as a lot of interesting museums. Recently it has become a trendy city, attracting a lot of Flemish and foreign artists, writers, intellectuals, fashion designers and actors…. Antwerp is a city with many faces.

Discover Antwerp with Dominique and Claude, not only along the old medieval streets, also in famous museums like: Rubens House (the superb painter), Rockox House (a collection of splendid canvas and statues), Plantin and Moretus House (genial printers) and also a lot of churches like Our Lady Cathedral, St James, St Paulus ….

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Price : 1/2 day tour: € 154.00 (ask for longer visit)

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